something happening somewhere

Briscoe is the brainchild of Bart Denaro’s (my) promiscuous encephalon (thank you thesaurus.com). After years behind a drumkit in Kid Confucius, I have decided to ditch the instrument I am pretty good at, and pick up the guitar - an instrument I am pretty shit at, and sing (getting better all the time but let’s face it, I ain’t no Ian Dury). Luckily I have a band full of musicians who are at least as good as Ian Dury, maybe even better.
Usually when someone says something like “I was born to swim the 200m butterfly” you expect them to  break a Commonwealth record as a minimum, so I do realise the arrogance and expectational peril inherent in a statement like that, but as much as anyone was born to do anything I feel like music is my thing. It’s not like I think I’m a prodigious talent or anything (obviously), but I turn into a horrible jellied mess when I go musicless for any stretch. I have become an addict in the best and worst senses of the word.

And I do stray- I get so easily demolished by self-doubt/hate; stymied by the ongoing internal court battle of the people vs the relevance of music as a life’s mission (Your honour I ask you, what the fuck good is this doing for anyone?!); demoralised by the dilapidated state of the music industry; prodded by the social pressures that come with imminent thirtydom, real-jobism, houses, $$$ etc etc.

I experience all of these to varying degrees all the time, and in spite of the sense of running out of time, the dealing with self-sabotage, the knowingly working towards an end that probably doesn’t exist, I still feel like a god when Thunder Road blasts through my buzzing car speakers, you can't escape that shit.

I think there's a raging dissonance in most people I know. The tension between what we are doing and what we feel like we should be doing is both what drives us and impedes us in pushing boundaries, acting, reacting, creating, searching – I use music to help resolve this dissonance. Ironically, my made-in-mexico fender jaguar can’t stay in tune for more than half a song, but you’ll hear that yourself soon enough. We're currently working on album #1 and the cockeyed jag is all over it. Recording it ourselves at Dayjob Studios aka my Mum's spare room - profesh.

Anyhoo, I’ll leave you here with one of my favourite lyrics of all time- it is all of the above in perfect distilled form, again from Bruce Springsteen who I recently found out is half Italian. Paesan!

“There’s something happening somewhere, baby I just know that there is.”


  1. It's reassuring to know that you used a thesaurus for that opening sentence :)

  2. I don't think the dissonance ever goes away - it least it hasn't for me. :-( But it's better to know you are doing something you love than just wishing you were. Stick with it. You are totally meant to be doing this. The songs are exciting....can't wait. (Hope I make the door list when you play ANZ stadium).

  3. the dissonance is like a gumball- hard to deal with at first, then you chew it into an enjoyable tasty softness, but then it loses its flavour so you stick some more into yer mouth, repeat ad infinitum. It never goes away, but you can def chew it into harmonious submission for long enough to be inspired to action.

    And i've got you on my ANZ doorlist. Doppelganger + 1 i assume?

  4. And then you try to blow a big bubble and it pops and encases your head.

    Or did that only ever happen to me?

    I usually fly solo but I am sure I can talk Tim Rogers or George Clooney into coming with me. :-)