The Briscoe Baseball Academy

Welcome to your second online tutorial in "Baseball As I Have Come To Understand It Through Exposure To Eighties Pop Culture 101". I know this has very little to do with music but I actually just felt guilty for making a baseball reference in the previous post without mentioning my favourite RTBOM* film of all-time. So, if the first lesson tried to cover a bit too much ground a bit too quickly, this one should fill in the gaps for you: the best scene from the best RTBOM film of all-time... in italian. Congratulations, graduate.

*Rag-Tag Bunch Of Misfits - the noblest of Hollywood genres

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  1. I haven't seen "Major League" yet but you have just reminded me of The Bad News Bears - greatest RTBOM Baseball movie EVAH (I cry every time!) and thusly inspired my next blog story.