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"The Silent Mixer"
Can you call yourselves a band if you have no recording and have never gigged? The case is arguable. It's hard to see here but this is the next photograph in our ongoing exhibition - "Evidence of Music Making in lieu of Music". It's me in a studio allegedly trying to mix the eight alleged songs that allegedly comprise the debut briscoe record. If you look closely you can see my mouse-clicking finger poised to do some excellent editing. Actually, Luke the engineer was just having a wizz and I jumped into his chair for a misleading second.

The mixing is going well though, and will hopefully be finished by the end of the month, but it's been my life for so long now that i really can't imagine it finishing. I'll believe it when i hear it, or when i see the photos of me hearing it.

Up to now i've resisted the urge to post demos to preserve the sanctity of my conventional recording and release aspirations, but having now experienced the odyssey of recording with plenty of bands, i realised that a song i demo today won't see the light of day for at least 2 years, if ever. And at this stage i know the five people who read this blog anyway.

While i was in the studio this week (see photographic evidence inset) I wrote a topical ditty about feverishly working towards an unlikely goal and being battered by expectation, mostly your own. I demoed it yesterday so i'm just gonna post it. By the time we get around to recording it in 2032, North Korea will probably have deleted the internet anyway. Enjoy.    

i never sleep cos i'm trying to get on someone's wall DEMO


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  1. Cripes, that's just a DEMO?? Sounds pretty done in my ears, but then again, the bootleg demos I used to circulate of my old fave bands were just one person at a piano beating out a melody and singing a rough vocal into a cassette recorder. This has like overdubs and stuff....wow. I can't believe I know you sometimes. Like, can I have your autograph?? You're amazing at everything you do. *jealous*