maths, recording and tales in space

Algebraically speaking if Briscoe is x and Dusker is y and Rosario Ferraro is R then:

x - y = R

In other words, I was playing drums in the very excellent band Dusker when I was trying to start briscoe. I loved everyone in Dusker so I bullied them into joining briscoe. This reconfiguration needed a drummer though, and despite protestations from my stroppy ego, I asked monster Rosario Ferraro to join. This overlapping of Dusker/briscoe personnel will hopefully lead to logistically simple touring and a few WTFs from confused gig-goers.

Luke in his natural habitat with dave, kate and me
I have been mixing the briscoe stuff with Luke Bertoz at Zapata Studios in Coogee. I was also in there on the weekend recording with Dusker. It was the first session for an album, and we finished one great song written by Dee and Jacob which will likely be the first single. Luke is also recording and mixing the up-coming Ranger Spacey E.P. which is going to rule.

Luke is a crazy production angel, he makes the best suggestions and tells it like it is. He is very friendly and accommodating and will work his butt off all day as long as you feed him regularly with subway and breath mints out of a flat open palm. He is also in a great band called TALES IN SPACE.

Yesterday he told me about Google Alerts and how that if anyone anywhere writes "TALES IN SPACE" on the internet, Google tells him. So this is a test. Luke, you have 24 hrs to comment on this post or i will prime my musket and hunt you for sport...


  1. Hmmm, if briscoe and Dusker got into a cage match, who would come out on top?

    And is it briscoe or Briscoe? Waiting for the post that wipes the cobwebs of the mythology of how the band was named.

  2. Dear Doppelganger, to answer your first question let me elaborate on the equation above...

    x equals briscoe in its totality, and y equals Dusker in its totality. Both x and y, though, are made up of constituent discrete values or "members". The constituent values shared between x and y will necessarily cancel each other out but this symmetry is disrupted by the inclusion of value R. After the canceling out of like values, R becomes the remainder, and since it now represents briscoe in its totality (the original criteria for x) we can update the equation and hence derive the answer to the cage match question:

    x-y = R = x

    I think i just broke maths...

    As for the B vs b question, i don't really think about it - just whatever comes out. i think it was just conspicuous in this post because i made a point of capitalising other band names.