Day Job Tour almost over, actual day job remains interminable.

Well the tour is almost done and the post-tour empty and broken feeling is kicking in. Maybe i'll post about the shows in greater depth in the next few days but for now I'll just say come to the Great Northern in Newcastle this Saturday night for the last show... the weather's gonna be nice, the hostel beds are cheap and the bands (Yae!Tiger, Hopes and Briscoe) are, in my opinion, excellent.

I took this video on my telephone of Yae!Tiger (who are great) at our Wollongong show (which was effing horrible). Because I thought I'd be clever and get a non-iPhone phone, the sound does not do them justice... it is a great song though. Go here to hear a version that doesn't sound like a Thurston Moore noise rock excursion. 

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