Tour pt 1 - FBi Social.

The Day Job tour was interesting. I think saying we were "on" tour might be a bit misleading. More like we were "beside" tour, dipping in at showtime then immediately out again and back to reality for another seven arduous days. It was a sadistic cosmic coincidence that everyone in the band happened to be going through their own personal upheavals during this time. Mostly the shows felt like breaks of barely discernible reception in some heavy static. In this way it was tough to get the sense of being on tour as opposed to playing some unrelated gigs here and there but the one thing I can say is that a lot of learning happened.

Briscoe, Bloods, Mushu + Lily So & Co

Despite being under-prepared for it, the FBi Social show was a happy success. It was our first headline show so I had a promoter's sweat on for most of the night, but plenty of people came and all the bands nailed it.

Lily So has a big band but still manages to create plenty of space around her songs with great restraint and really thoughtful arrangements. They played a beautiful set.

It was the first time I had seen Bloods and they were a lot of fun - catchy as hell and rocking the house through a Peavey practice amp, this is cool.

And Mushu are just one of those bands that I take friends to see and without fail they'll ask "why haven't these guys made it yet?" It was maybe the best Mushu set I've ever seen, and I've seen them roughly billions of times.

This felt like our most important show and we were appropriately jittery and excited, in a "yes that's her hand on my crotch: game on" kind of way but we kept our cool and walked out of there with big smiles and our gig bags slung strategically over our groinal regions.

Big ups to Dan Nash on the sound desk and Kimb who books the room - what a couple of legends.


Photos by Kate Farquharson - http://www.facebook.com/katefarquharsonphotographer


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