Tour pt 2 - Canberra.

Briscoe, Waterford + Lavers

In contrast, Canberra was loud, small and sweaty. The place was heaving because it was nothing degrees outside and Groovin the Moo was on the following day so people arrived a day early to gee up and take all of the accommodation. This meant the gig would be a rager but we'd be homeless afterwards. Lucky we found a friend living in Palmerston with 27 couches in her otherwise modest house.

Lavers played first, in 2-piece double acoustic mode. Dom the singer is mega likeable on stage and their songs are solid but they were fighting against a rising tide of punters trying to find somewhere to settle and continue their conversations from outside. This is where a drumkit comes in handy. Dee and I were loving on Waterford's album 'Say OK' on the way down and their set cemented these songs in our minds, this one especially. 
They are literate, classy songwriters, breezy performers and such nice guys. I have a ton of time for them.

For us, squeezing on to the Phoenix stage means there's basically 6 layers of denim keeping the gig from becoming a group sex show, but it is one of my favourite places to play just because you feel like anything goes. Get up, get loose, get loud in a very confined space, sweat, swear, bump into shit... it's a gig with absolutely no pretence and a venue that actually supports original music and treats you better than you probably deserve. 

Lots of people thought that my Jacob t-shirt was actually Elliott Smith...
Bev (Ranger Spacey's drummer, right) who was down with his much better half Kat, got painted up and started a mosh during Seven of You. I appreciated it, even if the people he was jumping on didn't. Never change Bevis!


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